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PGT Capital Ltd. (“PGT”) is a private company building projects worldwide,  operating out of Canada.

Leveraging decades of management, operational, and investment experience, PGT builds large scale and long-term projects across a diversity of sectors including energy, technology, agriculture, healthcare, charity, media, and real estate.

PGT thinks and acts on multi-generational timelines and makes decisions consistent with its purpose of leaving the world a better place by raising the quality of life for all. Therefore, we govern projects on a multi-bottom line basis which consider returns on investment alongside social, community, and environmental impacts.

 The impact of the pandemic has deepened our management approach and provoked us to consider the implementation of pandemic proof logistics and crisis-relief initiatives to help support our global network of projects through recovery while also preparing for future crises.

We seek to grow our portfolio of projects organically, with a focus on existing partners, long-term relationship development, and alignment of purpose. As such, PGT does not manage projects or capital for retail or institutional investors and makes no offers to the public whatsoever.


PURPOSE: To leave the world in a better place than we found it by improving the quality of life of all of mother earth’s species including air, waterways/oceans and land starting with those directly impacted by the ideas and projects we manage.

MISSION: To manage partner project ideas, operations, and capital to increase the quality of life of people and leave the world a better and more harmonious place.

VISION: Independent and empowered people collaborating to sustain harmonious communities in a peaceful world. 

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  • Canada Office:
    #1290 – 1500 West Georgia St.,
    Vancouver, British Columbia,
    Canada V6G 2Z6

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